The 28 Best Fall Shackets, Blazers, & Coats

There are a few categories of clothing that really get me going. Yes, outerwear is one of them. I love how a gorgeous jacket can take any ensemble – even simple jeans and a t-shirt – to the next level. Makes me happy. So naturally I love fall because I get to pull out my favorite layers and put them into action. I also obviously love browsing my favorite sites for the latest outerwear silhouettes. On that note, I thought I would share with you the specific shackets, blazers, and coats that really caught my eye as I was doing market research for various stories.

The choices in question are in my eyes pioneers because I find the mixture chic, avant-garde and very versatile. There is everything, from the shacket of the moment to the perfectly loose blazer to a nice coat when the temperatures start to drop. With all of that in mind, keep scrolling to check out 28 top notch silhouettes that might interest you.

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