The 3 Best Fall Fashion Essentials, Period

As we turn our eyes to fall fashion, I’ve been thinking about what essentials to add to my closet this time around. While I have my eye on lots of cool finds for the upcoming season, i have been curious as to which top selling items i should add to my cart before they sell out. To dig deeper into the topic, I turned to Libby Page, Fashion Market Editor at Net-a-Porter. One of the most experienced fashion people in the industry, she always has her finger on what’s cool.

Her main takeaway for what to buy this fall? Comfortable (but elegant) rooms. “The common thread to be found here is trend-oriented comfort,” Page told us. This explains the surge in matching sweatshirts which are selling in record numbers. Reimagined wardrobe basics that maximize comfort but have modern touches that make them feel more up-to-date than your standard basics are also popular. It means everything from chunky Chelsea boots to reimagined t-shirts.

In particular, there is one style of t-shirt that Net-a-Porter cannot keep in stock. “Shouldered T-shirts are great for dressing from waist up to endless zoom calls, but can be raised to suit the occasion,” Page explained. “This is the upgrade to the plain white t-shirt, which has been a staple of the wardrobe for years.”

If you’re looking to upgrade your fall wardrobe with some practical yet fashion-forward fall essentials, you can shop here for the 3 pieces Libby Page plans to find on the auction list.

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