The 33 Best Witch Boots to Wear All Season Long

When the clock strikes in October, there’s only one thing on my mind for the next 31 days: witches. Yes that’s right, I’m deeply devoted to the season of pop culture of the witch and all that is magically macabre. Not only is this a great excuse to finally wear head-to-toe black again, but the Fall Equinox also signals it’s time to embrace fall fashion fully with coats, capes. and caps. Since I am not Actually a witch (and if we’re being honest you can only own a limited number of capes), I tend to channel my spooky seasonal style below the knees by conjuring up several new pairs of trendy boots to go with my jeans uniform. everyday and leather jackets.

Below you’ll find 15 witches from our favorite spooky movies and TV shows who have magically guided me to the best boots this season. Whether you have square feet, flat feet, wide calves, or need a stylish shoe to wander through graveyards and grab brooms, these first-class witches have a knack for satisfying the desires of mortal lovers. of fall fashion. Accio shoe polish!

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