The 5 Best Coat Styles That Are So Chic

Meet Dione Davis. She is the director of styling at Tibi, where she resides. If you’ve ever seen a Tibi show, campaign, or the models on their site, you know the style is impeccable. It’s as avant-garde and avant-garde as the pieces themselves. So naturally, I couldn’t wait to pick the brains of the woman behind said style.

It only took one scroll through Davis’ Instagram feed to see that her outerwear set is as good as it gets. And with October officially here, now is the perfect time to ask him to reveal his secrets to us. As you know, not all coats are created equal, so choosing from a variety no one knows better than a New Yorker is essential. At the same time, who has room for a closet full of bulky coats? The good news is, according to Davis, you only need five key coat styles.

In his expert words, “I firmly believe that a chic winter coat will save us all from the chilly hell that awaits us. Winter during lockdown is that looming fear that so many New Yorkers will not respond to. out loud because it makes it too real. A well-thought-out winter wardrobe is very different in the pandemic. The comfort that comes with winter lends itself to planning fewer rooms and investing in a chic coat. There is nothing more depressing than a North Face coat layered over jogging pants, so I’m suggesting more dramatic silhouettes for winter (within reason). , with a deep awareness of how many people are out of work, pairing the right, well-fitting coat with last year’s clothes is the most financially responsible thing for your wardrobe.If you’ve stocked up on fast fashion that you can’t wear this year, failure is the biggest pro spankers. “

Keep scrolling to buy the five styles of coat you need, according to Dione Davis, also known as Brooklyn’s chicest woman. (Pro tip: She also wants you to know that they pair well with sweatpants and can serve as an update to last year’s clothes. Plus, if you’re looking for these styles on Etsy and eBay, you can get the look for less.)

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