The 5 Best Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 60

My mom, Nancy, has done a few rounds of closet cleanings over the past few months to clear out items she doesn’t wear as much. While she’s definitely being strategic in her purchases these days, she uses this purge session to make room for a few fall items she’s keeping her eye on. In fact, she sent me some of the pieces that she has personally placed in her own wardrobe and that she wants to retire for now. Along with these posts, she also shared with me the items that she saw that she wants to buy instead.

For the most part, the fall trends that she feels are modern while feeling timeless at the same time to fit into her more classic style. These are also parts that will probably have a longevity and will stay for a while. Keep scrolling to get a feel for the items my mom is retiring (along with her testimonials) and some trends she’s ready to try, featured on a range of our favorite fashion people. You’ll also discover inspired shopping choices for everyone in case you want to try out one of the looks that await you as well.

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