The 5 Best Hair Colors for Thin Hair, According to Experts

It seems that no matter what our hair is, most of us spend way too much time wishing for anything else. Those with curly hair will go to great lengths to straighten it out, just like natural brunettes will spend hours in colorists’ chairs trying to achieve the perfect blonde. And while everyone has the right to express themselves through whatever hairstyle, color or style they choose, education around best practices for their own hair could mean the difference between hating what grows in our heads. and like it. According to Erica Conan, ColorProof education director, this is especially true when it comes to choosing the best hair colors for thin hair.

While those with fine hair have been convinced for years that ultra-light colors are the only ones that work for this type of hair, this seasoned stylist doesn’t agree. “Preserving color is key to keeping your hair looking healthy and thicker,” says Conan. In fact, she believes that as long as the right methods are used, shades from all color families can be considered for fine hair. Read on for the five colors Conan suggested for fine hair, plus styling tips to get the most out of your color.

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