The 6 Best Shoes for Women Over 50

Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker – what do they all have in common? Along with making it to the top of our list of the fanciest celebrities over 50, they’ve all developed a strong sense of personal style, and their consistent fashion choices are proof of that. Since celebrities over a certain age have understood their style better than most, it’s only natural that they each have one of the items they constantly wear – and the ones they tend to avoid.

Curious about how they came to define their own style, we researched and found seven of the top shoe trends of 2020 that this stylish group is conveying, along with the style of shoe each of them wears on and off. Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker, for example, always go for more timeless and classic shoe styles that reflect the rest of their look rather than the more edgy and trendy styles of the moment. With that in mind, scroll down to see which shoes for women over 50 these stylish celebrities are wear and buy similar styles.

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