The 7 Shoes Not to Wear With Leggings

With the popularity of leggings, we’re inevitably going to want to get a little creative in the way we wear them. In many cases, that means thinking outside the box when it comes to footwear. We’ve already discussed what to avoid wearing with leggings in general, but what about the all-important topic of shoes?

Considering the form-fitting silhouette and laid-back nature of leggings, figuring out which shoes will complement them the best can be a bit confusing – that’s where we come in. As editors, we’ve noticed fashion girls with fewer and fewer styles of shoes, at least paired with their leggings. So naturally we took notes on what they were wearing instead. The leggings trend is here to stay for the foreseeable future, so you might as well make the most of it and pair it with shoes that will keep things as stylish as possible, right?

With that, keep scrolling to check out the seven shoe styles that fashion girls have pretty much stopped wearing with leggings, and shop for the coolest shoe trends to wear with them instead.

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