The 8 Most Important Fall Handbag Trends of 2020

Fall 2020 will certainly be very different this year, and while the trends will not be carried to the same frequency as expected, what happened on the Fall / Winter 2020 tracks has happened, and this is our work to report.

So far, we have analyzed the leads in several ways, but today we are focusing on handbags. Exciting new bags graced this season’s catwalks and thrilled fashion fanatics around the world for their next investment purchase. With notable brands like Bottega Veneta and Jacquemus leading the pack in terms of inventive trends, there were a handful of fresh styles to study, but the next eight are the ones we deem most important.

With spectacular bangs, ornate quilts, furry friends and immaculate wallets, you can refresh yourself on the best of the best in terms of fall 2020 handbag trends and, of course, shop our favorite available versions. of each one.

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