The 9 Best Investment Designer Bags

The term “investment buy” is often used in fashion speeches. Sure, classic camel coats and well-made shoes will keep you going for many years to come, but that’s just an investment in terms of how often you’ll wear them. You are unlikely to do more resell a pair of worn shoes.

That’s why you can really put “bag“And” investment “in the same sentence. Some brands (we are looking at you Hermes) will even gain in value by patiently sitting in a dust bag deep in your closet due to waiting lists for new styles due to the time and craftsmanship it takes to bring one to life. , for example, Birkin. Other styles just never date, like Chanel’s 2.55.

So far so obvious, but according to the best reselling site Vestiaire Collective, there are a surprising number of much newer brands that are retaining their value. The company has shared proprietary data with us to reveal that current labels like Staud and Off-White are trading at almost the same price they were bought for. Referring to Off-White’s popular Binder bag, a Vestiaire Collective spokesperson explained: “Savvy customers should buy and sell this within three to six months if they are looking to recoup the full amount, otherwise this could be a good style to keep / collect as a ‘future’ vintage piece.

Taking good care of your bag is a no-brainer – both when in use and not – to guarantee interest if you wish to exchange it. So before you splash around on a piece of the new season’s arm candy, take a look at the Collective Locker Room scoop below to find out which bags make the best investments right now.

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