The Best Anti-Aging Skincare Routine for Fall

If you’ve been reading our beauty content for some time now on Who What Wear, you probably already know one of our favorite Los Angeles-based fashion, beauty and fashion bloggers, Melissa Meyers (also known as The Glow Girl) . Not only is Meyers practically a scholar when it comes to navigating clean, non-toxic beauty, but she also enjoys sharing her top aging tips and tricks on a regular basis. Refreshingly, Meyers is all about embracing the aging process and empowering women to be the best version of themselves – whether that’s taking the leap and experimenting with clean beauty products, embracing self-tanners (instead of the sun) or just knowing the best and most effective makeup hacks. To follow, we highly recommend that you follow her on Instagram at @melissameyers and follow her frequent posts on The Glow Girl. (Click here for all of her beauty and fashion features dedicated to Who What Wear!)

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