The Best Denim Jackets You Need Right Now

The denim jacket is the ultimate easy-to-wear piece. You can put it with anything in your wardrobe and it won’t clash. Yes, even jeans. (PSA: Double denim is fine; you’ll always look cool.) While other jacket styles come and go, this is the denim jacket that we keep coming back to again and again because it’s so versatile.

To prove our point, we researched all of our favorite street looks with denim jackets and explained why they are so good. From cozy sheepskin pieces to more tailored styles, there are plenty of ways to style denim with aplomb. Once you’ve seen these pics, we just know you’ll want to buy the latest jackets right now, so we’ve included that as well. We are nice to you like that.

Click through our gallery for 10 reasons why you need a denim jacket in your wardrobe and where to buy our favorite pieces right now.

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