The Best Holstering Options for Concealed Carry

The number of concealed carry permits issued in the United States is on the rise. If are one of the millions of legal permit holders, congratulations and thank you for exercising your second amendment right.

Now you’ll need to find the right holster or holstering option for you and your firearm. Here are a few of the best options available on the market.

Best Holstering Options for Concealed Carry
Best Holstering Options for Concealed Carry

Hip Holsters

Classic hip holsters are still the most common option for most concealed carry gun owners. There are many concealed carry holsters available for hip carriers. You can opt for holsters worn on your belt, hung from your waistband, or even worn inside your pants for better concealment.

It is important to find a hip carry option that is comfortable and safe for your needs. Look for a holster that covers the trigger completely and allows you to move freely while carrying.

Shoulder Holsters

If the hip isn’t a comfortable option for you, you might consider a shoulder harness holster. these are many for both right and left-handed shooters and even come with dual carry options for multiple firearms.

Again, test out any shoulder holster options before committing. Try to run with it on, jump, and roll. Comfort is important if you plan to carry all day. Test the draw on these as well. Can you access your gun safely and quickly from this position?

Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters are popular options because they make concealment much easier than hip or shoulder holsters. For gun owners with smaller firearms, these can go mostly noticed under a pant leg.

When opting for an ankle holster, you will sacrifice some ease of use. It is harder to draw a weapon on your ankle should you find yourself in an emergency situation. For that reason, some carriers opt for an ankle holster as a backup to their primary carry option.

Holster Clothing

As more permitted gun owners look for holstering options, designers are starting to jump on board. There is a wide array of concealment clothing options hitting the market these days.

You can find pants with holsters built into the waistbands. There are compression shirts with pockets sewn into the underarm for comfortable carrying. There are even bras, tank tops, and other options made for women being designed to carry firearms safely and well-concealed.

Explore your holster options before settling on one. Try them out, put them to the test. Remember that gun ownership and carrying comes with a responsibility. Make sure whatever you choose is safe, and easy to use should the need arise. Of course, comfort is a plus, too.

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