The Best Self-Care Tips During the Holidays

I have accepted that the holidays will be very different this year. I won’t be surrounded by all of my friends and family or travel to Europe to visit my in-laws. Instead, like many, I will be sleeping with my husband and my dog. You won’t find me partying or making a big Friendsgiving meal, but you will find me at home with a glass of wine and a bunch of cosmetics. If there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that we all need to take better care of ourselves, physically and mentally. And if there’s anyone who I thought might have a few tips up their sleeve to stay happy and sane this holiday season, it’s Sarah Yang, the editor of THE / THIRTY. , who prides themselves on finding ways to de-stress. (It’s her job, after all.) In an effort to make the most of the season at home (or away), Sarah is sharing her personal care tips and her picks of Ulta’s premier products. Beauty to get through the season. while looking and feeling better.

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