The Best TikTok Room Transformations

Throw me a beauty tutorial, style video, or recipe guide on TikTok, and I’m ready to give it a try. Home decorating and decorating videos are a whole different story, however, and only because I have little to no restraint in sprucing up my place. I imagine being stuck at home for the past seven months will do that to you.

Lucky for me, a lot of the videos that are gaining traction on the app feature affordable parts from Walmart – I’m talking about $ 200 or less! So while I’ve never been the type to decorate according to the seasons, TikTok influencers Melissa Frusco, Christine Higgs and Cindi Yang make me want to follow their lead. Keep scrolling for three inspiring room makeover ideas for fall (and don’t forget to thank TikTok for your new obsession with seasonal decorating).

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