The Best Travel Skincare Tips a Flight Attendant Swears By

What are the best and most difficult parts of your job?

The best part of my job is the perks that come with private travel. I don’t have to deal with the typical airport hassles like TSA baggage restrictions, travel bottles, or body scans. The airport experience is very concierge and white glove service. The hardest part of my job can be always meeting any type of demand from food to the amenities of any city in the world on a tight deadline. While it can certainly be a challenge, it’s a role that suits me perfectly. I love the challenge of anticipating the needs of my passengers and providing them with the ultimate five star experience.

Just looking at you, I would never know that you are such a frequent traveler – how do you keep your complexion so glowing and youthful?

A long day of flying can be particularly brutal on my skin. Not only did I wear makeup all day, I generally didn’t drink enough water either. These days I like to treat myself to a layered skin care routine. I always start with one of my favorite masks. Once I’m done and used a toner I like to apply my Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair to help restore moisture to my skin. This serum provides 72 hours of hydration with hyaluronic acid to fight against dryness. As a flight attendant, my presentation is very important and I cannot appear exhausted. With just one dropper, my skin is once again radiant and plumped with hydration. In between all my product layers, I spray my face with rose water to help my skin absorb all the beautiful products, and my last step is a moisturizer or dry oil.

Which product did you use that delivered the biggest results?

Along with healthy eating (that’s skin care too!), I have to say that sunscreen has had the greatest long term impact in helping to prevent wrinkles and damage to my skin. And if you’re looking for something to help improve the appearance of damage, like wrinkles, one of my latest favorite skin care products is Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I am so amazed at the hydrating power of this product! The way it works to protect and restore my skin is a game-changer in my life on the road.

So you obviously eat too. What is your diet like, especially when you travel?

I eat whole, plant-based foods. These are foods that I can easily identify like leafy greens, avocados, and lentils. I don’t eat dairy products or eggs as part of my diet, but I will occasionally have a baked product that contains any of these ingredients. I pretty much avoid processed or refined sugar, butter, and fried foods. I also don’t eat red meat, pork or poultry, and I don’t drink alcohol. For the most part, my diet is consistent when I travel. For each trip, I bring a bag of Tennille-compatible foods like raw vegetables, fruit, hummus, salad, kombucha and homemade popcorn. On special occasions, I enjoy wild seafood and sushi with my daughters. As disciplined as I am, I think balance is important, and I’m not hard on myself when I eat something outside of my normal diet. For example, on my last trip to Italy, I enjoyed ice cream every day! My diet has become a way of life for me, so when I occasionally wander off, it’s easy to get back into the routine.

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