The chic kitchen aprons for cooking in style

Aprons become super feminine and fun thanks to a mix of colorful prints

Julia Child she cooked with heels on her feet and pearls on her neck. For her, a cook in a world of chefs, cooking has been an instrument of emancipation, managing to impose her passion, her panache, and her home approach to a gastronomic culture hitherto deeply machista. Even today, thelove of cooking it brings together women (and men) from all over the world, who find in the simplicity of gestures, in the scents of food, and in recipes handed down from generation to generation, the flavor of memories and tradition.

chic kitchen aprons
chic kitchen aprons

In the advertising cartoons of the 50s and 60s, mothers with helmets and bell-shaped dresses wore checkered aprons while holding a plate with an oversized roasted turkey or a colored jelly cake. Stereotyped image, which in some cases has made it lose the taste to take care of some details of clothing, even in the kitchen. Still, the apron is a fanciful and fun garment, as well as incredibly useful. To the classic version with shiny fruits that we wear with mechanical gestures, they exist many alternatives full of patterns and shades that can make us rediscover the chic side of the kitchen (and not only).

Spring flowers in pastel colours, illustrated sweets of the French tradition, polka dots in bright shades, or naturalistic motifs from leaves to puppies, combine with design with flounces, ribbons, light fabrics or ultra resistant fabrics such as denim, to entertain us not only with the ingredients, but also with fashion. And that’s not all. Of course, the apron was born as a professional garment to be used in the kitchen, but the culinary art can be compared to that of the gardening, to the DIY et al interior d├ęcor, not to mention that the apron is also perfect for to paint. Its comfortable pockets hold brushes of all shapes, small tools such as palettes and garden rakes, not to mention their function as a shield against tempera, acrylics or potting soil, and can prove to be faithful companions in facilitating the gestures of our creativity.

Here are some models to choose from to find the apron more suitable for you and your way of living your hobbies.

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