The Children for Peace launches the first fundraiser for HIV positive children

Piero Piazzi as Ambassador of The Children for Peace and the little one Hiyab Negussie they are the protagonists of the first campaign promoted by the NGO which operates in some of the most unfortunate areas of the world in aid of HIV-positive children and their families. The photographic campaign, which portrays Piero and Hiyab united in an affectionate embrace, was taken by Cosimo Buccolieri with the styling of Simone Guidarelli, who lent their work free of charge. The campaign aims to promote an urgent fundraiser for all children supported by the non-profit organization and in particular those helped by Sister Giovanna Calabria from Comboni Samaritans Center in Gulu Uganda, one of the poorest countries in the world and most affected by the HIV emergency.

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is further disadvantaging an already extremely difficult situation and The Children for Peace volunteers are committed to ensuring the necessary funds that allow health care, fundamental support for the survival and continuation of theses educational programs. reduce behaviors at risk of acquiring HIV. But the effort of the volunteers alone is not enough, there is a need for economic aid.

“Help us help”This is the heartfelt appeal of the volunteers of The Children for Peace who invite you to make a donation via the website and at the link

“As many small drops make an ocean, many small donations create a present and a better future for many children,” he says Piero Piazzi, Ambassador of The Children for Peace: “The Children for Peace has become a very important part of my life for me, I would never put my face for something I don’t believe in, for something I am not giving my whole heart to.” Go on Debra Mace, President of The Children for Peace: “The world needs hope and children who are the future even more: your donations will open the doors of the future to those who do not have the opportunity to open them alone.” Massimo Leonardelli, President Italy of The Children for Peace adds: “When you experience immense joy and the gaze of the children we help you understand how much we have, how much we disperse and how little is enough to give them the opportunity to get excited about it that we take for granted. “


THE CHILDREN FOR PEACE is an NGO created in 2005 by the American philanthropist Debra Mace and chaired in Italy by Massimo Leonardelli, who works in some of the most unfortunate areas of the world to help HIV-positive children and their families. NGO volunteers implement economic and food support programs, school education and information on topics around topics such as HIV and drugs, thus giving children and their families new and concrete life prospects.

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