The detox diet of Professor Hyman

To start one detox diet in this period it takes a lot of strength. Having to stay at home all day, the temptation to pass by the kitchen every hour or to try delicious delicacies is very strong and represents an alibi to lighten the quarantine. The detox diet of the Professor Mark Hyman, director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, and explained in the book The detox diet in 10 days, published by Mondadori (could this be the book that inspired Jennifer Lopez’s #TenDaysChallenge?) is not, however, one of those liquid food regimes from stomach cramps. It is a plan that aims to eliminate all the foods they create inflammation in the body like coffee and dairy products, and to rebalance the body. After all, if not now when? Staying at home, our calorie consumption is halved and we can take advantage of the fact that we need less energy and do not have to frame the diet with aperitifs and evening outings. Obviously, as JLo herself said when in 2018 she followed a very similar if not the same detox regime, it is not a sustainable thing that can always be done. It’s a challenge to “reset” the body and clean it.

Alternatively, Mark Hyman also shares healthy recipes that can be replicated on his Instagram profile these days.


Dr. Hyman recommends to totally eliminate foods that contain sugar and rehabilitated the role of fats in the diet. Our body is programmed to eat sugars because it allows us to create reserves of fat. According to Hyman, however, low-fat diets work much less than those without restrictions on (good) fats but without simple and complex sugars. Sugar is addictive and only by eliminating it can we feel free and better, and to do it takes 10 days. The food industry would have manipulated our hormones, taste buds and the brain chemistry, making them addicted to sugar. Hyman also warns against artificial sweeteners which can be more addictive than common sugar.

How Mark Hyman’s 10 day detox diet works

The program promises to make you lose up to five kilos in 10 days blocking the hormone that presides over the accumulation of fat, reducing the inflammation that contributes to weight gain and detoxifying the body. The food plan, however, does not only aim to make you lose weight, but to cure the body as a whole through the approach of functional medicine, according to which the body is a set of integrated systems and when one or more causes are acted upon, many symptoms disappear which have not been treated individually.

The foods to be eliminated

The foods to be removed are those that we already know, or that we eat even knowing that they are not ideal for our health. First, it should be eliminated sugar, and all the foods that contain it. Also included are the honey, molasses, agave and all sweeteners and sugar substitutes. Then, away all the cereals that contain gluten and that can raise the blood sugar level and transform sugars into fat. No to milk, yogurt and all dairy products; i legumes, in fact, this vegetable protein source also contains carbohydrates and contains lectins that if you do not absorb well in the intestine they create inflammation. They are banned there caffeine, alcohol and all refined industrial foods.

What to eat

Among the foods that detoxify are those rich in vitamin B, A, C, antioxidants and phytonutrients such as cabbage, cruciferous plants, cayenne pepper, coriander, garlic, ginger, lemon, watercress and algae. Eggs are also good because they contain detoxifying nutrients and sulfur. Yes, even to foods rich in Omega 3, how salmon, beef organically raised, chia seeds, hemp and flax seeds and nuts. Aromas and spices such as turmeric, in addition to berries, green leafy vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. For breakfast, Hyman proposes fresh and dried fruit smoothies, for lunch a soup or a buffet of vegetables without starch always accompanied by a protein, and for dinner proteins cooked with spices and vegetables.

What to find in the book The detox diet in 10 days by Mark Hyman

This article is not enough to start the 10 day detox diet. In fact, in the book, the expert besides proposing many recipes that are easy to make and good, provides all the guidelines on the exams and measurements to be made, on the daily diary to be kept to monitor the results and any supplements to be taken.

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