The Ikea and Byredo Candles Are The Most Fire Collaboration of Fall

It makes sense if you’re caught off guard by the all-new collaboration between perpetually affordable IKEA and Ben Gorham, founder and creative force behind Byredo’s luxury, fashion and beauty empire. But since Virgil Abloh’s collection put a ‘Wet Grass’ rug on our wishlist, IKEA’s latest designer collaboration just works. And luckily for fans who flock to Gorham’s olfactory prowess, the new launch is about how home fragrances can make you feel so much more at home.

Dubbed OSYNLIG (Swedish for “invisible”), the limited edition collection includes 13 scents of scented candles in the floral, woody and fresh categories, with wallet prices ranging from $ 4.99 to $ 24.99 again. reasonable. And yes, those behind the collaboration know that these awards are music to the ears of Byredo fans who shell out over $ 85 per candle.

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“The things he makes are very high-end, so it was also appealing to be able to use his knowledge and apply it on a large scale in a way that democratizes it,” said James Futcher, IKEA Creative Manager, in a comment. press interview. “It would have been ‘lagom’ to create one or two that almost everyone liked, but with so many distinct scents you have the flexibility to try them out and find the one you really, really like, the one that, hopefully, you have a souvenir in store. ”

Buy OSYNLIG in-store and online at IKEA from November 1st. Onward, Ben Gorham on the inspiration behind the candle collection, courtesy of IKEA.

What inspired this new collaboration with IKEA and how did it come about?

Ben Gorham: “Being born and raised in Sweden, IKEA [has] has been basically a part of my life since birth, like most Swedes. It has touched us and is part of our homes in one way or another. I think the opportunity for me to work with IKEA was extremely exciting. Partly because the Byredo company that I founded 15 years ago has worked in a very personal and subjective way when it comes to translating memories into smells. And this project with IKEA, not only was I able to use the processes and philosophies of the IKEA organization and structure, but we were also able to approach the idea of ​​smell at home as a completely democratic process involving maybe hundreds of people. and data, creators, and focus groups, to figure out how we might create a system or spectrum of scents that would appeal to so many, many people. “

With perfume being an essential part of luxury beauty – including Byredo – why did you think it was important to use this collaboration to ‘democratize’ high-end fragrances?

Gorham: “We live in a very aesthetic world. Design is more accessible than ever. As children we learn the names of colors, shapes, how to count, how to read. You learn about clothes and furniture, we use the internet every day, which is endless in terms of changing our visual perception. I think people don’t think enough about scent, but smell is a very important part of our life and also of the house. Collaborating on this idea of ​​“invisible design” with IKEA, getting people to think about the smell, is very exciting. “

Obviously, we are all spending a lot more time at home this year. How did this affect the selection of scents, if at all?

Gorham: “The concept was to understand what kind of smells people associate with the home, and that’s how we built our library of raw materials. These are the ones we used to mix the different scents. Essentially, it was about understanding people’s relationship to smell and home. I know most people have associations for visiting their grandmother’s house – whether it is her scent, the flowers, or her cooking – smell is a very important part of the home. It creates a feeling of comfort and security. We rarely talk about it and I think this project reinforces it too: getting people to think about smell.

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