The “Miracle Touch” draining massage by Carolina Dantas in Milan –

Is called Carolina Dantas but on Instagram you find it like Carolina Dhermo (@carolinadhermo, where Dhermo stands for Dhermodesign, the name of its beauty center in Milan in Via Castel Morrone, 19). If you still don’t know it, know that its waiting list is getting longer day by day and its treatments are the new object of desire and well-being 2020. Word of mouth about the most coveted draining massage – the Miracle Touch – traveling at the speed of infecting celebrities and star light.

Scrolling through his profile, they appear as regular customers Chiara Ferragni fresh post lockdown massage, the famous Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, the influencer Veronica Ferraro, Federica Fontana, it’s still Veronica Ruggeri, the super curly of the Hyenas …

The photos posted are actually a wow effect, especially for the body partCarolina often shows the difference between the massaged leg and one not yet treated, as well as the belly “before and after” his famous Miracle Touch.

The method is innovative and comes from Brazil: Carolina, in fact, learned and imported this technique from the beautician guru Renata França, which has revolutionized the concept of draining massage throughout South America, becoming loved by celebs.

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Intrigued more than ever, we went to try it and have a chat with Carolina, who welcomed us in her delightful carioca center, colorful and welcoming.

Before treatment, offers you an herbal tea and looks at you for well to create an appropriate protocol. “The Miracle Touch is a mix of exclusive maneuvers that combines the benefits of modeling massage with those of lymphatic drainage. It reduces measurements and eliminates toxins with evident results from the first session, “he explains. “This is very motivating for customers – 99% are women – who come out of here with the desire to try again that dress they no longer entered!”.

IS a kind of liposculpture manual immediate: the muscles appear more defined (or, as in my case, magically reappear emerging from the diffuse swelling, ed) the body drains liquids and metabolism works better.

The lymphatic drainage part helps reduce retention, cellulite, swelling in the legs and edemas: stimulating lymphatic and blood circulation. The maneuvers are based on “kneading ”and directional stroking, or that move the stagnant liquids from the ends of the body towards the lymphatic joints that then expel the liquids through the kidneys.

The modeling part, on the other hand, works on the adipose tissue moving the adipocytes, i.e. the fat cells, in a controlled manner to other areas. In this way, the silhouette is reshaped in the right places.

The result? Instant loss of swelling, redefined body, light legs, flat stomach and hinges that close. Interesting note: Massage continues to “work” on the body in the following days to treatment by facilitating weight loss.

At this point, you will want to know how it went: Carolina has photographed my legs and my photo is turning like a Chain of Saint Anthony among all the friends who now want to try the massage (I do not publish it because I am in deshabille). I immediately noticed the difference between the calves, the ankles and the knees that they seemed almost liftate. Another point that immediately lost centimeters is arms, I noticed it when I put the shirt back on. The belly was flatter and modeled, just as the rolls behind my back seemed to have diminished.

Like all treatments, of course, this also requires constancy and continuity to have long-lasting results, it is also perfect like booster before an event or of an important evening to appear in splendid shape.

Oh, I forgot: Carolina explained to me that, reoxygenating the tissues, the endorphin also increases, so … From its beauty center you come out happier!

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