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Is called longing for the future that attraction that is felt for new objects that echo in the forms and / or denominations memories of the past. It is an effective trade tool and persuasion that any company relies on to conquer the market. So far it is pure business, undeniable, but it is not said that it is bad: if an “already seen” enclosure contains one innovative technologyso why not? The example of the coating commonly called Venetian terrace it’s interesting.

Casalgrande Padana terrace

Borrowed from the Greco-Roman tradition it is in the Venice of the 500 that this flooring technique is refined by becoming an expression of extraordinary craftsmanship. A truly retro charm. Only today, although there are still specialists, manually laying the terrace one grain after another is a luxury for nabobs. The ceramic sector companies that make perfect copies of the terrace (like stones and marble) think about satisfying the desire for beauty.

It is the revenge of the, once prosaically said, tile? Maybe. What is certain is that with a decidedly more affordable expense it has the same effect – it really seems grit laid by hand with its irregularities of concentrations and rarefactions – with in excess i advantages of porcelain stoneware: non-absorbent, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, durable, unalterable, recyclable. And then it is in made-to-measure slabs that outdoors do not suffer from heat or cold. Nor is there a need to invent high-sounding names: enough “Terrace“, how does Casalgrande Padana, and you said everything you need. Really the future lies in memory.

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