The refined art of micromosaic is reborn in SICIS Jewels High Jewelery

It is an ambitious desire that animates the research work of Gioia Placuzzi (cover photo), Creative Director of the brand SICIS Jewels: bring to light the art of micromosaic, combining it with gold and precious stones, to create jewels that are spirits of art, history and culture. The intent is to make jewelry “more deeply and intimately“Precious, thanks to the very fine (a few fraction of a millimeter) of micromosaic that they allow to obtain infinite shades of tones, chiaroscuro games able to give plasticity to the representations.

The inspiration is inspired by nature, abstract motifs or simple landscapes that constitute the subject par excellence of micromosaics – from snuff boxes to necklaces – so popular in eighteenth-century Italy. Collier with pendants in micromosaico they adorned the necks of nobles and princesses such as Empress Maria Luigia of Austria, Carolina Bonaparte, Tsarina Catherine of Russia.

Gioia Placuzzi’s intuition and mission is to “reinterpreting the magic and mystery of this ancient technique and reapplying it in a contemporary key in jewelry. In Ravenna, today, micromosaic artists hand spin Venetian glass obtained by melting nine mothers of color together with diamond powder at high temperatures, creating infinite combinations of colors and shades. The yarns are then cut into thousands of tiles which are laid one by one, obtaining wonderful objects with a three-dimensional effect“. Gioia has opened three showrooms, between Milan, London and Paris, and actively collaborates with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, creating unique and exclusive jewels, mixing micromosaic, precious stones and gold.

Finally the watches, born from the partnership between SICIS Jewels and Jewelery Theater, in the shape of lemon, orange, strawberry, and the collection The Grand Tour which depicts China, the Eiffel Tower, India, Russia, the Byzantine empress Theodora (Justinian’s wife).

A strong reference to the past, to landscapes of all times, which with the mediation of the art of mosaic revisited in a contemporary key, offer an original point of view, highly sought after, of the Universe.

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