The stylists at the time of the coronavirus: Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti shared some private thoughts with Vogue Italia during her self-isolation in Cattolica: how to work remotely, her new routine, what she misses most about pre-covid life and what could happen after the crisis.

How are these lockdown days going?

I am in my home in Cattolica, in Romagna, near the sea. Close to my company which unfortunately is closed these days and I feel so sad. I am fortunate to live in this house where there is a huge park and it allows me to work outside. Nature, which has always been a creative stimulus for me, in this case helps me.

What do you miss most?

Every day I talk to my closest collaborators and together we continue to work and design the next collections. New technologies help us a lot in this sense, however I miss the fact of being able to compare ourselves even with just a glance, follow in the modeling department how ideas are developed and read on the faces the satisfaction for a dress that takes shape.

And then I really miss watching women: studying them, trying to understand their needs and requirements. They were and always are my main source of inspiration.

I miss watching women, they are my source of inspiration

What is the first thing you will do as soon as possible?

The first thing I will definitely do as soon as you can go out is a long walk on the beach, which is ten minutes from my house, and breathe in the scent of the sea again. A feeling of freedom that I miss very much and that I can’t wait to relive.

The sunset over the Cattolica sea

New projects coming out or ideas you are working on?

I’m working on the next collections, from the cruise to the spring / summer 2021 fashion show that we would like to bring to the catwalk in September, if it will be possible. But I’m also considering new ways of communicating.

Together with my team we are studying a more precise wardrobe, focused on the essence of my fashion and my woman.

A record that you discovered these days?

In recent weeks I have been listening to a lot of 8D music, of various kinds: from classical to contemporary songs, I like to walk in the park that surrounds my house completely immersed in music and nature.

An inevitable thing in the new daily routine?

I dedicate at least an hour of my time to physical activity: it can be in my swimming pool, in the gym or a run in the park in which my house is immersed together with Alfonso, my dog. I find it important to dedicate this moment every day because it makes me feel good and regenerates me.

Alfonso the dog in the park of the house

Which corner of the house do you prefer the most?

I am fortunate to live in a very bright house, the space I love most of all is a glass gazebo near the living room. It is flooded by the sun and surrounded by nature and in this period I put a table in the center to work on the new collections, even if it is not like having my creative team around.

How is it possible to support Italian fashion right now?

The strong sense of belonging and solidarity that Italy and Italians are showing will be the winning weapon of this terrible moment. Italian fashion and Made in Italy still represent a symbol of excellence today and it is important that we stylists continue to convey a message of energy and positivity, focusing on the essence of individual brands to build an even stronger and more unique fashion future in the world.

Alberta Ferretti exclusive sketch #NeverStopDreaming

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