The stylists at the time of the coronavirus: Vivetta

Vivetta’s creative director, Vivetta Ponti, shared some private thoughts with Vogue Italia during her self-isolation in Assisi: how to work remotely, her new routine, what she misses most about pre-covid life and what could happen next the crisis.

How are you going through these lockdown days?

We are in Assisi, in our country house. More than countryside we are in the woods of Mount Subasio. We had come here to spend a few days of vacation when the quarantine began so we stayed here, a little disorganized but we are fine.

What do you miss most? And what is the first thing you will do as soon as possible?

I miss several things: the first is to go to the office and be able to work with all my material (books, copier, mannequin, paper patterns, research). I miss the opportunity to improvise an outing with friends, go to a restaurant, travel. The first thing I will do as soon as possible is to go to the library and then to lunch outside. Then, when it is possible again, we will organize a trip!

New projects you are working on?

I am working on Resort 2021. As a company timing we have been working on this collection since January and we are exactly halfway through work. We had to close the office and the company that produces us, Gilmar, is also closed, so work is currently blocked. There is a climate of great general uncertainty and I believe that we will have to study new timings and also new ways of presenting the collections, both as numbers and as formats. In any case, I continue to work from home drawing. Fortunately I always carry a work bag with colors, sheets and other materials for moments of sudden inspiration.

A book, a record, a film or a TV series that you have discovered these days?

I’m reading Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger, we watch a movie every night last night Wild bull from Scorsese. I try to listen to a lot of music to stay on the mood and create a cheerful environment for the whole family. We are listening to 60s music like The Beach boys, Nancy Sinatra and The Ronettes.

The book Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger

An inevitable thing in the new daily routine?

To walk. I go every day for an hour and a half / two. We have many hectares of land where we keep several Sardinian donkeys (from my husband’s mom). I need it to download and keep fit.

Which room in the house do you prefer the most?

We live a lot in the living room of the house. I like it because it is a warm environment and we have Fornasetti’s wallpaper (secret keys) which reproduces the green of the garden around the house.

Vivetta Ponti in her home in Assisi

How is it possible to support Italian fashion right now?

It is a very difficult time for everyone in the sector, both small companies and more independent companies. I read on the net about the possibility of skipping the Resort 2021 season … this would be immense damage for all the brands and companies where thousands of people work in Italy. Indeed, the important thing is to go out, perhaps with smaller collections. We should try to promote Italian fashion even further abroad, especially for the new generation of brands which is the most at risk right now.

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