The stylists in the time of the coronavirus: Arthur Arbesser

The designer Arthur Arbesser shared some private thoughts with Vogue Italia during his self-isolation in Milan: how to work remotely, his new routine, what he misses most of pre-covid life and what could happen after the crisis.

How are you going through these lockdown days?

I am at home in Milan, with a lot of time to think, rethink and cook. I would like to change many things after this experience – like many other people I think – and I think this is a very positive aspect.

Arthur Arbesser’s temporary desk

What do you miss most? And what is the first thing you will do as soon as possible?

I miss my precious team and our lunches together in the studio. As soon as possible: embrace friends. I really miss physical contact.

New projects you are working on?

I’m working to create costumes for a ballet: a new, modern production for a very important German theater. Then of course we are moving forward with a new Spring Summer 2021 collection.

A book and a record by the designer

A book, a record and a film that you have discovered these days?

A book on the life of Sergei Diaghilev, musically I am altering between Jessye Norman and Lucio Dalla. The other night I saw Alice Rohrwacher’s film Lazzaro Felice and it really moved me.

An inevitable thing in the new daily routine?

The aperitif on Houseparty with friends from all over the world.

Arthur Arbesser’s aperitif

Which room in the house do you prefer the most?

A mixture between the kitchen – I’m cooking a lot – and the balcony when the sun is shining.

How is it possible to support Italian fashion right now?

It is a very difficult answer to give. For small companies like mine (but also large ones) this moment will be incredibly hard on all fronts. Maybe very concrete help to face a presentation in September during the fashion week? Or even more simply: buy our clothes! I guess we all have the spring summer 2020 collection at home, ready to be sold 🙂

A wall of Arbesser’s apartment in Milan

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