The tomorrow of the beauty industry according to Michael Nolte

We are faced with strange times. While each of us is looking for solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic, much confusion emerges. But a crisis can also be an opportunity and I like to think that the beauty industry can use this moment to reset and rethink some mechanisms. The situation we are experiencing will not only have a direct psychological and economic impact, but also long-term effects on people’s mentality and needs, and on their approach to consumption. And even when the epidemic is managed, some habits adopted these days are destined to continue. According to the World Health Organization, new viruses can appear or mutate spontaneously at any time, which forces us all to be prepared, to become more agile, not only as companies, but also as individuals.

For starters: industries will need to reconsider their supply chains and raw material supplies to make themselves less dependent on shipping and travel. Diversifying supply will become crucial and will lead to tackling globalization through more traceable and safer local solutions. The phases of the various production processes must be simplified, avoiding (among other things) also secondary packaging. In the long term, all of this will have a positive impact on the environment, reduce pollution and create new solutions. Due to tight quarantines, people will get used to being in their own country, rediscovering national traditions and folklore. On the other hand, however, the desire for the exotic will grow and we will increasingly search for an inspirational imagery and storytelling capable of providing the impression of an escape, or the possibility of traveling “internally”.

“Eternal Beauty” 2014 is an image of Juno Calypso taken from the work “The Honeymoon” in which the artist investigates a honeymoon spent in isolation.


If the experience in the shop is zeroed, then, new ways will be found to retain consumer loyalty. It will be necessary to increase the virtual experience by enhancing the sense of community, which will further flourish social communication with gifs, memes and various contents, all accompanied by small samples to be sent home.
Hygiene will be increasingly essential. The demand for clean and safe formats will increase: pump, airless, spray dispensers. The creams in the jar, to be applied with the fingers, will no longer be considered reliable as they can be the ideal environment for the proliferation of microbes. Antibacterial packaging will become very popular in all beauty categories.

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Michael Nolte is the creative director of Beautystreams, a forecasting and reference platform for trends in the beauty industry worldwide. Nolte supervises the work of over 200 experts spread across the world and with multidisciplinary skills. Born in Germany and raised in Paris, he is often mentioned in the most important publications and is known for his in-depth interventions in international conferences and debates.

Read Michael Nolte’s full article in the April issue of Vogue Italia, on newsstands from April 10.

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