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Give value to what we already have. Not to take away the joy, when it becomes possible again, to buy something new. But to learn how to deal with a world where there will be less and less space for what has no meaning, for clothes and accessories that pass quickly and leave no trace, which do not respond to a real need. Vogue Italia asked two collaborators who by profession know how to recognize the value of clothes, old and new, to choose a piece of their wardrobe, taking advantage of the time that the quarantine has made available. And to tell the stories they bring with them.

The Treasure Found | Vogue Italia
The Treasure Found | Vogue Italia

«I have always been particularly attached to this photo that Klein took years ago for Vogue Italia», Says Patti Wilson, legendary New York stylist. The image, reproduced below, was published in the number 697 of Vogue Italia, September 2008. «Steven even gave me a print that I hung at home and that I watch every day. During this quarantine I found, carefully preserved and hung in a hidden corner of my closet, what is left of the dress … on fire! ».

Steven Klein’s photo, published in the September 2008 issue.

The fragment of the dress that went up in flames, used for a Vogue Italia report.


“I treasure all the clothes I bought from Bess, the New Yorker paradise of vintage punk and rock clothing, men and women, denim and accessories, which unfortunately has now closed definitively”, continues the fashion editor at large of Vogue Italia. «One of my favorite purchases was a leather jacket (pictured below). The last time I saw her, before rediscovering her these days, I was in Los Angeles. I was there to work with the photographer François Nars. We had to take Liza Minnelli for a portrait book. The team consisted of me, François, James Kaliardos for make-up and Bill Westmoreland for hair.

On the morning of the service, we discover that Liza would not have arrived. By now we were all already on the set and we discussed among ourselves about what to do trying to find a solution. Two hours later, the doors of the study opened wide and we heard shouting: “If you can’t have Minnelli, call … MILEY !!!”. Miley Cyrus entered the study and I had absolutely nothing to wear them. Suddenly that Bess jacket came to mind. I ran to pick her up in a hurry at the hotel … and the rest is history! To see the original photograph of Miley wearing it you will have to wait for the release of a book that François is working on: coming soon “.

The leather jacket found by Patti Wilson in her wardrobe and which the stylist says she made Miley Cyrus wear.


“In the closet I found a white coat (pictured below) and a fragment of life from five years ago. I was 24 years old and had the possibility of a few months internship in Paris at Maison Margiela. I decided to go but I didn’t have a penny. I remember the arrival in Paris by bus and the effort to find a tiny accommodation. I had to bring my desktop computer with me every morning because I didn’t have a laptop, “says Ibrahim Kamara. He continues: “The white coat is the uniform that all Margiela employees are called to wear in the office, I immediately understood the importance of the sense of belonging that it represented.

My internship was in the women’s style office. I wasn’t working directly with John Galliano but I had the opportunity to see him often, a very sweet person, a true gentleman. I was worried because I came from a degree in visual arts at Central Saint Martins but there, on the contrary, I was asked to be very practical. Only now do I realize how much the combination of these two elements has influenced my work today. It was a great gift. The coat was given to me on the second day of the internship, among other things during a very exciting period for the Maison, in the middle of the Couture week. Five years have passed by now, but I will keep forever that coat, worn every day for three months. Symbol of experience, respect for clothes, sacrifices, many mistakes made and lessons learned “.

Ibrahim Kamara with the white coat of Maison Margiela.

From Vogue Italia, n. 836, April 2020

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