The Trending Hairstyles to Have on Your Radar Right Now

There are two groups of people (and no judgment here on which group you belong to): those who gave themselves a rogue lockdown haircut and those who now have three Pinterest boards of post-lockdown styles to bring to the salon. .

Whichever camp you find yourself in, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the hairstyles that are on-trend for the rest of this seemingly forgotten year. As hair salons are reopening, we decided to talk to some hairstylists about the styles their clients are booking for.

Stephen Buller, co-founder of Buller and Rice, says: “Having been in the salon for a few days, I saw questionable hair. Lockdown has been unfair to some, but with that come unforeseen trends.”

Ready to make a difference? Keep scrolling for all the inspiration you need for your post-lock cut.

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