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TheOneMilano expands on the web with a digital project between social media and apps

It is among the most important luxury fashion fairs ready to wear, also defined haut-to-wear, and today it becomes an increasingly digital reality. A reality that in its physical setting has seen the collaboration of great contemporary artists, such as thearchitect Italo Rota and the production designer Margherita Palli that have revolutionized the exhibition spaces. From the tangible dimension we move to the interconnected one of the web, where digital platforms and social media represent one version 2.0 fair, commercial and advertising dynamics. TheOneMilano he then starts a digitalization process organized in different steps, which lead to an all-inclusive experience of the fair and its mechanisms.

It starts with creating one digital platform, Always One, web expansion of TheOneMilano, which expands the times of meeting and dialogue with visitors to 365 days a year. A project that also aims to present the fair in its entirety: it is not a few days of exhibition, but a whole year of work and preparation. The front is added to this first part marketing and advertising communication, which abandons traditional systems to immerse yourself in the world of influencers. 20 emerging social personalities will wear the garments presented at the fair, create different and original looks, sharing them not only on their personal profiles, but also on the official pages of TheOneMilano, in addition to having a dedicated section in Always One, called Always Look, available to buyers who can have guidelines for their purchases in terms of total look.

Finally, there are two projects under development that we will see in the coming months. The launch of theapp, conceived for a fruition aimed at experiencing the fair also in digital version, and subsequently, in 2021, there will be a tech renewal of the fair itself, through suites dedicated to exhibitors, which through an internal messaging system, will allow the management of the sales network, with coordination between sales departments and agents, a direct relationship and subsequent follow-up with buyers made easier and more immediate, and the possibility of preparing the visit of the buyers in the company by reducing the time spent and allowing you to organize more appointments.

Talking about the future of TheOneMilano, of technology and progress is the architect Italo Rota, “It is a transitional, hybrid exhibition that anticipates the new way of conceiving events of this type. In a couple of years the new technologies, 5G in the first place, will change the physical nature of the fairs, with the extreme analogue that will coexist with the newest digital, and new needs will arise such as that of organizing fashion shows online. And then an important role will play artificial intelligence, which will allow you to modify the products displayed in real time according to visitors or market needs. Furthermore, the fashion salons will probably become more and more emotional moments where all five senses will be involved, like a theater of memory to take away a memory “.

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