Things to Know About Kindness

Those who are kind are typically thought of as friendly and thoughtful. They may also be generous. These characteristics lead to concern and care for others. This interpersonal skill is often thought of as weakness, but kindness requires great personal strength and restraint.

Kindness Spreads

When people are treated with kindness, they are often encouraged to treat those they encounter with kindness, also known as retail kindness. In addition, when individuals are treated with kindness, it has lasting impact on their lives. It may be a catalyst that helps them overcome personal challenges, such as shyness, and boost their self-confidence.

Know About Kindness
Know About Kindness

Kindness Begins with You

Before you can be kind to anyone else, you must be kind to yourself. You will stumble and fall throughout life, but if you forgive yourself rather than condemning yourself, you will be happier. If you are not angry or disappointed with yourself, it is easier to view others with compassion and understanding because you realize that everyone has challenges and deserves gentleness and care.

Kindness Affects Your Health

When you simply witness kindness to others, the oxytocin or love hormone in your brain is boosted. This hormone has a positive effect on your heart health, lowering blood pressure. In addition, your energy is boosted when you show kindness to others. It may also make you feel calm and have a more positive outlook. Volunteer work or other kind acts also increase your lifespan and improve your overall health. Those who treat others kindly also experience serotonin production, which helps heal wounds.

A Kind Lifestyle Requires Practice

Treating others with kindness can be challenging, especially if you are not used to it. For example, you may not naturally consider or be aware of others’ needs. You have to make a conscious decision to pay closer attention to those around you. When you see their struggles, then you can target your kindness more effectively. For example, you may choose to babysit so a busy mother can have a break or get things done quicker or offer to help or share kind words with a coworker who seems overwhelmed. Adopting kindness is a choice, but it takes work. However, it gets easier to identify where and what type of acts are needed in different situations.

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Be Kind Without Conditions

In addition, you should never be kind to others just so they will be kind to you. Your motives will be evident in your actions. Therefore, don’t seek credit or make a production of these types of acts. You never want someone else to feel like they owe you. This is not kindness.

Experience the lasting benefits of treating others with kindness.

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