Some Important tips to choose your wedding dress

Some Important tips to choose your wedding dress

Choose your wedding dress: Do you dream of a flowing dress that enhances your waist and illuminates your eyes? Do you want a classic suit with a long tail and a lace veil? Or are you thinking of something more daring, like a tube skirt and a high neckline on the back? When you go in search of the perfect wedding gown, even if you are not sure how it will be, there is something that is certain. You want a spectacular, unique design with which to enhance that beauty that characterizes you.

Choose your wedding dress
Choose your wedding dress

Some brides are pretty keen on picking their dream wedding dress for their big occasion, wedding day. In some case, brides often like to wear something unique on their most precious day on their lifespan. In such wishes opting for the custom design, wedding dress would be the right option.

Aware of wedding dress fabrics

Every bride, in fact even groom should be well aware of the fabrics which are being used for manufacturing the brides wear. There are a variety of materials are used to make the wedding dresses.

Finding a right fabric which will provide you comfort and pleasure is essential to get things on the right path during your wedding day. For finding the right material, you need to know particular basic facts about the basic types of materials.

Lists of basic fabric types

  • Satin: Well, the satin fabric will look skinny and glamour in nature. For those who prefer to have a glamorous wedding ceremony, opting for the thin fabric satin will be the best choice.
  • Silk: Though the characteristics of Silk is somehow similar to satin, silk fabrics are much costlier and it posses more versatility. People who love to have romantic kind of wedding ceremony can prefer the silk fabric wedding dress.
  • Organza: Its one of the glowing fabric, which is stiffer. Because of its stiffer nature, in most cases, the Organza fabrics are preferred to place in fuller skirts or among the wedding dresses having multilayers.
  • Brocade:  This type of fabrics is more formal, and it gives the wearer an elegant look. This fabric brocade can convert the old traditional wedding dresses into the stylish modern dresses.
  • Chiffon: If you are looking for the fabric which fits correctly according to the body shape then preferring chiffon would be the best. It is the one among the top light fabrics that give you transparent look with the single layer.

Wedding Idea

Wedding ceremony idea plays a vital role in selecting the apt wedding dresses, these days wedding organizers preferring color themed wedding ceremony. In such cases, buying the matching color wedding dresses upon the wedding theme color will add elegance.

Still, on many occasions couples prefer to wear the traditional white wedding dresses is the popular choice. However, modern-day wedding dresses are available in a variety of colors like ivory, cream, apple and so.

Whatever the dress of your dreams, the professionals of specialized stores will know how to orient you and help you find the one you are looking for. Take note of these tips, very useful to start making decisions.

Choose your wedding dress
Choose your wedding dress

Things to keep in mind while choosing to choose your wedding dress

  1. Match the environment

If you consider the place and date of your wedding you already have two key clues to select your wedding dress. The majority of fabrics that are used in the making of wedding dresses are suitable for any time of the year.

  1. Think about your budget

How much do you want to spend? Tell the seller of the bridal shop to show you dresses that suit your needs. Usually, this purchase supposes between 10 and 15% of the total expenses of the wedding. Be careful to reserve some money for accessories: veil, shoes, belt, headdress, jacket, gloves.

  1. Do not wait until the last moment

To give you an idea, brides are usually recommended to start looking dress about nine months before the wedding and to acquire it six months before. Why so much? Because the manufacturers take about four months to make it and another two to make arrangements and modifications, although very elaborate models can take even more time.

If you’re in a hurry, many stores serve urgent orders for a little more money, although in this case, you’ll have fewer dresses to choose from.

  1. Learn well

Before choosing, find out the design of Wedding dress in magazines, blogs or books about the infinite possibilities that exist. You can make an album with the photos of the dresses that you like, or the details and decorations that you think you can look good. From the collection, you can choose the best one for you

  1. Book in advance

Remember that you are living one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Take your time and enjoy it to the fullest. And do not go alone, while shopping your wedding dresses to avoid confusion and reckless mindset.

It is highly advisable to book for your dream wedding dress in advance with your fashion designer.

  1. Your personal touch

If you are excited to wear the veil that your mother wore on her wedding day, a special ribbon of your grandmother or something that has an important sentimental value for you, do not hesitate to tell the seller of the store. You can advise on the best way to combine it with the dress you choose.

  1. Ask for advice.

Although it seems that the design offered by the seller is not your style or is not what you imagined, listen to his expert opinion. Maybe that dress that you do not like how it fits the dummy to you feels much better. Anyway, the one that will take you is you. And it is essential that you feel comfortable. Never buy a dress that you do not like to please others.

  1. Do not look at the size

Forget the traditional sizing and look at how your dress looks. Do not obsess about wearing a model of size 38 thinking that you will lose weight for the wedding. It’s easier to make last-minute arrangements if it’s a little wide than if it’s too small for you.

  1. According to the tone that goes with your skin

You will have to choose the color well since not all surfaces are doing the same shade of white. And so that you do not have any doubts about the color of your dress. Always choose that color which suits more on you instead select a bright color

  1. The final tests

For the dress to be ready, you will need to try it two or three times, but if you are not sure that the result is perfect, do not hesitate to ask for any more proof. The first is usually done between two and four months before the wedding, and you will have to wear underwear, shoes, and accessories. The last test is done one or two weeks before the ceremony. Be accompanied by your mother, a sister or the person who will help you put on your dress.

  1. Be yourself

Consider that the people who accompany you to choose and buy your wedding dress, they can only give you their opinion, maybe considering their tastes but not yours. So, the final decision should be exclusively yours; it will help you choose a dress that represents you, that is, where you are yourself, with your tastes, styles, and essence.

  1. Choose a cut and color that suits you

Nowadays there is not only variety in styles, cuts, and necklines, but also in color. Choose considering your body type, but also the color you like most, be it white, ivory, light blue, blush, pink or other.

  1. Choose comfort and quality.

The important thing when choosing your dress is that you feel 100 % comfortable, consider that you will have many unforgettable hours. Hence it is just that it is essential to select a design with which you feel and look good. You should also check that it is of good quality, for that it is necessary to go with the expert’s advice and suggestions on selecting the wedding dresses.

  1. Try it, walk and move

When you try on the dresses, it is essential that you must walk in the suit. That you feel, that you jump, that you dance, in short, that you realize how much movement you think you could do during your wedding, in this way you will be able to detect if it is the ideal dress or not.

wedding dress
Choose your wedding dress


Considering those things mentioned above and facts while purchasing the wedding dresses will surely guide you well on picking the right one. It is highly advised to keep yourself pretty clear on what you need? And what you are looking while purchasing dresses to be wear on your precious wedding day.

Keep remembering those ideas and tips in mind while shopping your wedding wardrobes to enjoy the hassle free and enjoyable shopping experiences.

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