Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson coronavirus positive

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson coronavirus positive

“We underwent the coronavirus test and it tested positive.” With this message Tom Hanks he announced to the world that he and his wife Rita Wilson have contracted Covid-19.

A message of reassurance then came from his 29-year-old son, Chet who said in a video on Instagram: “I just heard them on the phone, they are fine, they have no serious symptoms, they are not worried, but of course they are taking all the medical measures to best care is that it reassured fans that their condition is not serious. “

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are currently in Australia for film commitments, are currently under “quarantine” and monitored by local health authorities. What is striking, and really positive, is the absolutely calm, calm and unalarming tone of Hanks’ announcement. Of course, we would not have expected anything less from those who brought the lives of those who overcame shipwrecks, faced pirates and brave captains to the screen. We can then do our best wishes for a speedy recovery to all the Hanks.

Coronavirus Positive


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