Tomorrow’s business. Interview with Carla Buzasi

Nothing will be like before. By now everyone has said it in every way, definitively convincing us too that we repeated it as a mantra from the minute one of this pandemic, albeit for apotropaic or superstitious purposes. In the early days of the lockdown, we said that everything would change and that we would contribute to it, but we did it with the same spirit of Tancredi Falconeri in Gattopardothat is, for nothing to change about our little world. Then, day after day, our irrepressible human nature led us to go along with the change, pushing us to identify new reactions, to spy on the birth of new feelings and perspectives, even of different ways of taking care of ourselves, of our interests, our relationship system and our desires. We already know that outside we will find a new world. Not dystopian. On the contrary, and it offers a rather precise indication of this exchange of views with Carla Buzasi – managing director of the forecasting research giant Wgsn, and former director of Huffington Post Uk -, the future we can imagine now speaks of a new awareness of oneself and of others, of pietas, of care, of affections. In full, of well-being, of beauty (“we already see it in the purchasing behavior of the Chinese”) and perhaps of a different relationship with the world around us.

Tomorrow's business. Interview with Carla Buzasi
Tomorrow’s business. Interview with Carla Buzasi

An image by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott taken from Vogue Italia, September 2019.

In June 2019, during the traditional speech that Wgsn gives at the opening of the Cannes Lions, the Oscars of world advertising, Buzasi identified three social groups of reference in the evolution of the consumer society: the “compressionalists”, “the kindness keepers”, the market makers. Reviewing that research today, the first group is all of us from the BC era. ante-coronavirus: “Anxious, perfectionists, always connected, fearful of failing, potential or even actual victims of the burn-out”. This is the group that perhaps more than any other contributed to the dystopian spread (yes) of the virus, which certainly had not been programmed by nature to travel in business class and move from one end of the world to the other in a day . And this is the group that risks appearing more obsolete at the dawn of this PC era, post-coronavirus, on the contrary, as you can guess, of the kindness keepers, the revolutionaries of ethics, “who do not expect answers from governments, if anything, they contribute to cooperation “in the hope of building a better world. It is the group to which Greta Thunberg belongs, even in her most angry expressions. “When you see, as in these weeks, the drastic decrease in pollution in the air of large industrial cities or the transparent water in the canals of Venice, you realize that perhaps there is something good, sparkling even within this tremendous gray cloud. I hope that when we return to a semblance of normal life, we will all be more aware of how we treat the environment, but also other people. “

The threads of interpersonal relationships are leading us to this which, incredibly, given the social distancing, we are knotting: «I believe that people will give priority to the gestures that we cannot accomplish in these months, in contact with those we love, but also in search of experiences and products that offer well-being, nourishment of the soul even before the body. We at Wgsn expect a spike in requests in the area of ​​wellness and related industries. We are seeing it in China as a direct impact of Covid-19 “. This progressive shift of interest towards the person, from exteriority to introspection, will also be reflected in the choice of places and the way to shop: “Companies of all sizes have been affected by the pandemic. What I think is particularly interesting, “Buzasi notes,” is that the problem touched every layer of society and industry. “

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Read the full interview with Carla Buzasi in the April issue of Vogue Italia, on newsstands from April 10.

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