Top fashion trends tips in summers

Top fashion trends tips in summers

Linen shirts, cotton dresses and shorts, jumpsuits, printed, polka dots,

fashion trends tips
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This article is about some latest fashion trends tips for the summer season. Summers are very joyful and blissful. So it is very important to beat the heat and follow the latest trends in fashion. You do not have to put a maximum effort for looking cool and classy this summer. Here are some tips for how to play this summer with fun and rejuvenate your wardrobe by following these smart tips.

  • Linen cotton shirts for men: Even you are going to your office or going out with your friends, linen fabric is the latest trend in men’s wardrobe. It looks classy, feels feather light and comfortable and gives a pump to your fashion statement. Light colored linen shirts like sky blue, lime green or grey match perfectly for every occasion with your favorite denim pants or cotton shorts.
  • Cotton shorts for him and her: This summer it is better to give a miss to your dark and heavy denims. It’s time to play light with some cotton shorts. These are fun and comfortable on the go. Ladies must try the cotton knee length shorts or hot pants to go out in the summer evenings for shopping or just for roaming around.

    fashion trends tips in summers
    Image credits to Fashionisaparty
  • Floral prints: The fashion trends tips have changed from time to time but nothing can beat the floral prints in summers. They are here to stay forever. Men’s shirts, women shirts, dresses, half pants, etc. all have floral prints are they look just cool and trendy.
  • Jumpsuits for the ladies: Another fashion tip for ladies this summer is jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are of several designs, be it long, knee length, with sleeves or without sleeves. Jumpsuits made of cotton fabric are light, fun to wear, trendy and comfortable in these sweaty summers.
  • Loose pants or harem pants: These odd looking pants are actually fun to wear and comfortable also. They can be used by both the genders and looks great is carried away with style. Paired with a top, the harem pants are very playful, especially for the ladies.
  • Polka Dots: Fashion experts say that a woman’s wardrobe is incomplete with a polka dot dress or skirt which she can flaunt in the summers. A list of fashion trends tips is not satisfying without mentioning favorite polka dots dresses which are always eye drooling.

Below are some fashion trends tips of accessories to be used in summers:

Sl. No.Accessories for summers
1Pair of flip flops.
2Good quality sunglasses
3Fresh cotton inners
4Sunscreens and umbrella
5Hats or caps
6Summer bandanas


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