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The cinematographic neorealism and that aesthetic that enhances the female figure and makes it the undisputed protagonist are the elements behind Traffic, the footwear brand of Marco Antonio Marra, founded in 2019 (already appeared in this gallery). Traffic as a moment of encounter and exchange, a crossroads crossed by different silhouettes that are portrayed and immortalized with a voyeuristic approach, as often happens in the world of cinema and art. From this concept it develops Traffic and the neorealism that inspired it is translated, as well as from an aesthetic point of view, also in the choice of having as a starting point a series of archetypes of female footwear, reworked in a modern, or rather neo-realistic, key, without losing that vintage allure that represents a distinctive element.

So typical models of the 40s, flanked by shapes of the 90s, define a new sensuality, describing a woman who escapes between blocked cars or who strolls, appears and then disappears among the crowd, leaving her image well imprinted in the memory. It is a game of icons and characters that live and vivify a summarized plot, as in the launch of a first film, in the Volume I. This is in fact the title that Marra chooses for her first collection that she doesn’t want to tie to a specific seasonality, being in fact the first act of a new born project.

In this first volume the décolleté with an elongated shape are covered by a sort of gaiter that covers them to visibly tie on the heel. And here there is a contrast between the materials, as happens for the satin on which a crocodile print is superimposed, or an emphasis of the leather itself, on which, however, a masculine element such as the perforation is added. The neutral colors with which they are proposed, such as beige and red sand, are flanked by pastel shades for the square-toed and very high-heeled sandals that combine, again, materials, and that contrasting tones highlight the details, such as the double straps. The mules combine with T-bar sandals in which the strap crosses the square front opening; but the T-bars are also back in a more dogmatic and absolutely vintage version, also because of the vintage palette of the collection that includes dust and sage. The story proposed by Traffic ends with an open-toe sandal crossed with an ankle strap, which looks like the modern reworking of a Mary Jane.

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