TV series: Elite 3 arrives on Netflix

The third season of Elite is available from March 13 on Netflix

There are no longer the classic teen drama, those in which the maximum pathos was reached when the protagonist’s best friend climbed the garden ladder to reach his bedroom (Dawson’s Creek) or when two best friends discovered they had the same ball gown (Brenda and Kelly in Beverly Hills 90210). The third season of Elite, from March 13 on Netflix, in fact, already opens with a crime. Yes, another.

Elite 3 arrives on Netflix
Elite 3 arrives on Netflix

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After watching the first two episodes in preview, here’s what to expect from this new chapter. Spoiler alert!

Polo killed Marina but he seems to get away with it … or at least for a short while, as he too ends up mysteriously killed. Then the saga of interrogations begins again, which we have already seen in the two previous cycles. He says, she says: in short, where is the truth? Still early to say it but we can try to put the pieces together: Guzman wants revenge for his dead sister and pretends to be a friend of his killer, Polo again, to extort a confession with Samu.

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While Nano, the latter’s older brother, fled out of Spain so as not to be indicted, the mother of the two boys offers one of his pearls of wisdom, explaining that the rich always fall on their feet and if they lose a life, like cats , they buy another one. Not like them, admitted to an elite school by a miracle and always considered as third class passengers on the Titanic. It continues to be part of this category of outsiders Nadia, who is in the midst of a sentimental conflict: Guzman – who incidentally tells her one of the most romantic phrases of the whole series – loves her madly but after the compromising video circulated at school she can not trust.

Accomplice, it must be said, a new arrival from school. Her father is the richest man in Senegal and he also has a fair charm, but we will see if she will let herself be conquered or not: this time they have the religion in common, because they are both Muslims, which would facilitate a certain opening from her family . Meanwhile, once again, he has to find a way to finance his studies: by the eve of his diploma, he wants to enter a prestigious college at all costs.

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The competition will be more ruthless than usual because Lu goes down to the Arena as if they were the Hunger Games, his words. That the Olympian gods in school are denying their offspring one by one? Jorge does not fare much better, he sleeps in the car and tries to live, between one excess and another.

IS Ander? He certainly regrets the times when his only problems concerned the coming out of boyfriend Omar (Nadia’s brother). Samumeanwhile, he goes around with the usual air of a beaten dog, which mixes a crumpled style as a true outsider with a dazed air typical of post-traumatic shock. Perennially engaged in the crusades to do the right thing, maybe he could finally let himself go.

As the tempting devil says Rebeca: “You have to deal with problems like trombamic, one a day”. For those who have not yet understood it, the new episodes are another cocktail of crimes, classwork and passions more or less prohibited, but definitely branded.

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