Twilight: from April 10 the marathon on Italy 1

Twilight: from April 10 the marathon on Italy 1

The Twilight saga 12 years after its debut: A centenary vampire in love with a teenager. On paper the plot of Twilight it must have seemed madness to many, but now that – almost 12 years after its debut in the cinema – the saga of Stephenie Meyer (published in Italy by Fazi) is back on TV with a marathon generational cult.

From Friday 10 April, in fact, Italia Uno dedicates its first evening to the five films that have strengthened the myth of Edward and Bella and created two icons, Kristen Stewart, today diva Chanel, e Robert Pattinson, future Batman and former wizard of the Harry Potter saga. The two, at the time of unexpected fame, made a steady couple, until a flirtation of her broke the dreams of her and millions of teenagers around the world.

Twilight: from April 10 the marathon on Italy 1
Twilight: from April 10 the marathon on Italy 1

The writer, of Mormon faith, imagined a platonic love between the two, at least until the wedding night, but the audience’s imagination galloped so quickly that a fan (EL James) wrote an online fan fiction that “filled” the gaps between the sheets of the two. Needless to say, his literary franchise has also become a bestseller, by the name of Fifty shades.

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The fantasy salsa training novel entirely rewrote the mythology of bloodsuckers: in this case they shine in the sun like emeralds and can even embrace a vegetarian faith. However, the unwary author has put an end to the dreams of millions of fans because she let the draft of Midnight Sun be stolen, namely the Twilight saga written by Edward instead of Bella. The plan was wrecked and goodbye vampire thoughts.

To understand it, just take a step back: the protagonist, Edward, has as superpower (in addition to immortality, superhuman strength and speed) that of reading in thought. Of all, except of beautiful, the clumsy girl who just arrived in Folks, the rainiest town in the United States, where he lives with his foster family to escape the rays of light. It is of magnetic beauty, capable of attracting prey within reach of a neck for a little bit, but it keeps itself at a safe distance from mankind and hunts only animals.

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In short, it is one of the good guys. But when she meets Bella, she develops an obsession (insane) for her, she wants not only to protect her at all costs, but also to be dangerously close to her (she often does it, at night, while the girl, unaware, sleeps, and he looks at her as a species of stalker). Actually, it has something sweet, especially when Edward confesses to her: “If I were able to dream, I would dream of you and I’m not ashamed of it.”

In four books and five films, this forbidden love between predator and prey (with sentimental triangle that includes the werewolf Jacob) has triggered a real phenomenon. The writer carved out a small cameo (in the diner scene with Bella and her father at lunch) and supervised the film transposition. The first film had a bizarre and low budget gestation, with a somewhat visionary director, Catherine Hardwicke, who went to look for the wardrobe accessories of the protagonist at the flea market (the blue prom dress cost $ 20) and chose one of the protagonists, Rosalie (Edward’s sister), her pupil Nikki Reed, although the character in the film was blond, long-limbed and with porcelain skin while the actress has Mediterranean curves and charm.

Over 900 memorabilia from the set, sold at auction after the last clapperboard, in two days reached dizzying figures. Among them, Edward’s gray cloth coat and Bella’s look on the first day of school (including slightly worn sneakers).

Unlike the books, the film production design department invented one vampire coat of arms for Edward’s family, the Cullens, and among the best-selling gadgets are the replica jewelry worn by the various members of the clan.

The same apple that the boy gives to the protagonist in the school canteen – it took 13 attempts to make the scene correctly! – has become a symbol for fandom, an object of veneration and tattoos, also used in Volterra for themed gadgets. The Tuscan city featured in the second book, New Moon, was the original inspiration of the story for the writer, even if the shooting of the film was made in Montepulciano.

The most annoying detail for the cast? Wear colored contact lenses. Kristen Stewart then had to resort to many extensions and in recent films also to a wig to embody even better the young Bella, who to put it all involuntarily flows into the nihilistic Gothic with such phrases: “Death is peaceful, easy. Life is more difficult. “

Even those who do not have a romantic or sweet spirit must admit that the first film has two great qualities, an amazing soundtrack (one above all, the vampire baseball scene, with Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole) and an enchanting visual breath (Cullen house is worth about $ 5 million and it is a spectacular “aerial” residence hidden by the woods, really existed and rented for the set).

After a decade, sighs are still heard in the dining room – and not just the teenagers – when Pattinson asks himself: “When can you live forever, what do you really live for?” Whether you are struggling with your first love, like the protagonists, or that you are facing a third divorce with an attached food lawsuit, it doesn’t matter. When a couple defeats the insurmountable obstacles just to stay together, something inside snaps and it becomes impossible not to cheer, even if one is a colossal clumsy – indeed perhaps for this reason – and the other is a kind of Greek demigod who does not never ages and therefore has the appearance of a seventeen year old and the soul from the early twentieth century.

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