Van Gogh online: free visit to the Amsterdam museum

Rediscover the great online artists: if you are also doing it, you will recognize that it is one of the positive sides of the quarantine. We are all learning to use the web as a beauty reservoir just a click away. After Frida Kahlo, protagonist of a virtual exhibition on Google Arts & Culture, now is Vincent Van Gogh to present himself in the greatness of his work.

One of Van Gogh’s self-portraits


The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam has in fact prepared one special online “exploration” of the most famous paintings of the Dutch painter, which can be accessed at this link. You can thus enter the largest Van Gogh collection in the world, which includes 200 paintings, 500 drawings and almost 700 letters.

Vincent’s room in Arles, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Misunderstood and ignored in life, the Dutch artist is now universally recognized as one of the great masters capable of changing the history of painting. Associated with the post-impressionist movement, his copious work (over 2,000 canvases and drawings) also had a great influence on Fauvism and expressionism, anticipating some of the greatest trends in the history of painting.

To get an idea of ​​his work, inside the Van Gogh museum online exhibition you can discover i greatest masterpieces of the painter, including sunflowers, potato eaters, and paintings dedicated to irises and many self-portraits. You choose where to start the visit, whose navigation is made easier by the division into macro themes. Have fun.

Iris by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

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What to do while we stay home?

During quarantine, you can be more engaged and active than ever. Here are some ideas for:

– visit the most important museums in the world,

– to explore contemporary art

– enter the buildings of Versailles, Windsor and Buckingham Palace

– immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Frida Kahlo

– choose a book among the thousands of volumes available for free in the UNESCO World Library

– listen to i podcast of Vogue Italia

– and even going to the theater. Have fun!

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