Vanity Fair: We are Italy

Third act in the trilogy of Vanity Fair dedicated to the Covid19 emergency: in the first a message from Milan to Italy and the world; in the second a celebration of the “heroes” engaged in the front line in this global struggle; in the latter, a manifesto in support of Italian companies, with visions on what would be needed to overcome the crisis caused by the virus and the questions on tomorrow’s markets.

The cover of this issue – on newsstands from tomorrow, April 8 – is a work created exclusively for the Vanity Fair by the artist Francesco Vezzoli, in homage to Lucio Fontana: he portrays a tricolor canvas with a cut that represents a wound but also a crack. The work will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to charity to support businesses.

The chosen title is #The Italiasiamonoi, a hashtag that wants to celebrate that Italian unity and creativity that has always allowed this country to make the best of the worst situations it has historically faced.

Inside the issue, however, Vanity Fair called upon the authoritative voice of Nobel Prizes, philosophers, managing directors, presidents of the most important Italian supply chains together with poets, artists and designers to question the world that awaits us after the virus and on how to deal with the economic emergency that follows the health emergency.

Among the many characters: the Nobel Prize for economics Joseph Stiglitz describing his new vision of the state in the global post-virus market; the economist and former minister Enrico Giovannini which analyzes the Italian economic situation; the philosopher Silvano Petrosino who speaks of the new sense of time; the designers Mariagrazia Chiuri is Pierpaolo Piccioli who write two letters of reflection on the state and future of fashion; expert Li Edelkoort describing the trends to come in the creation and production of goods; the President of the Salone del Mobile, Claudio Luti, who speaks directly to the government; director Luca Guadagnino which analyzes the world of cinema and the future of entertainment; the songwriter Tommaso Paradiso who writes about the importance of knowing the past to understand tomorrow.

In the special issue, there are also interviews with key personalities in the world of motoring,hotellerie, of the food, of the beauty and technologies to understand how digital investments will be, among other factors, the key to the future.

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