Virtual tours of the Royals castles

Staying at home has become an indispensable collective imperative. However, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of modern technologies to enjoy some virtual tours in some of the most exclusive and difficult to visit locations in the world. The most fascinating? Certainly visits to some of the most iconic castles and palaces in the world.

For lovers of French history and art, it is possible to conduct a virtual tour in the incredible Palace of Versailles: at you can access a huge amount of interactive and non-interactive material, including a tour that can be done with a virtual reality helmet. In addition, it is also possible to access the “virtual exhibitions” of the works contained in the Royal Palace, with explanations and high resolution images for a more in-depth tour.

For lovers of the English Royals, however, the site allows a brief but interesting navigation inside the Queen’s rooms Buckingham Palace (you can find it at this addressì, a trip to some rooms of the Windsor Castle ( and in those of Holyroodhouse, residence of Queen Elizabeth in Scotland (

© David Cheskin – PA Images

An extraordinarily free tour is then that of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam which allows, through Google Maps, to move inside the headquarters of the Royals of the Netherlands. Find the tour at this address (,4.8911069,2a,75y,296h,68.74t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sldJU6P0OA6Rv2oX3n2_bLA!2e0! .

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam


In order to dream the life of the Court without leaving home.

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