Vitruvi Co-founder Shares 100 Wellness Recipes Using Essential Oils In Her New Book

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“I just want people to take the time to take care of themselves and feel like they can create great times throughout their day, even in the midst of not so great times.”

Five years ago, Sara Panton and her brother Sean started Vitruvi, a company specializing in the production of all-natural essential oils, from their home on Vancouver Island.

“We grew up in a small farming community and our parents were the first to embrace the organic movement. From an early age, we understood the importance of the products that go on our skin and what we eat, ”Panton says over the phone. “Definitely before it got into fashion I was really curious about wellness and ended up doing a degree in global health and thanks to that I was able to travel abroad and learn more. on the different health and wellness practices of different cultures and places.

The rituals discovered during these trips made their way into his new book, Essential well-being. In it, Panton describes 100 different ways to use essential oils to create a more positive, mindful experience at home. Some of the “recipes” in the book include a lightening facial steam made from grapefruit, sweet orange, and lemon essential oils; a lemon and olive oil foot bath; and a towel spray.

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“The book is divided into three sections: Beauty, Body and Home,” she explains. “It’s about how we can transform the little moments, rituals and habits that a person is already doing and make them more enjoyable and forgiving, while still being profitable.”

Essential oils, she says, are versatile with various chemical properties. Some, like sweet orange oil, can help break down fat while others like grapefruit are antimicrobial. (The Herbal Tea Face Toner recipe, for example, uses organic peppermint tea plus a few drops of lemongrass essential oil for its spa scent, and grapefruit oil for its astringent and antimicrobial properties.) And Of course, the Vitruvi co-founder has learned over the years that simply using essential oils to diffuse a scent in a room can have a powerful effect.

“Scents are a great way to change the state of a space,” says Panton, sharing a handy tip to help transition from “work” to “off” mode, even if work and home are essentially. at the same location. “Something we did was broadcast one thing in the morning and then at 5 o’clock we change it. Maybe we have citrus in the morning and something cozy and woody in the evening like cedar or bergamot. It’s a great way to change the state of your space.

essential oils of vitruvi
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To help with relaxation during this very stressful time, Panton offers a Brightening Facial Steamer (recipe below). “I just want people to take the time to take care of themselves and feel like they can create some great times throughout their day, even in the midst of not so great times,” he says. she.

Steam lightening face

2 drops of grapefruit essential oil, 2 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 1 drop of lemon essential oil

Run a washcloth under hot water. Wring it out and open it with one hand. With the other hand, apply the essential oils to the washcloth, sprinkling them randomly on its surface. Then close both sides of the washcloth together. The heat of the hot water will heat the essential oils, which will help disperse the aroma and properties throughout the fabric.

1. Place the warm cloth over your face while leaving space for your nose to breathe.
2. Close your eyes, take a deep breath through your nose, pause, then breathe out. Repeat this breathing sequence 3 times. It might seem like a long time, but if you’re like most of us, these will likely be the most frequent, deep breaths you take throughout the day – so enjoy. Take that time in the morning to put your feet on the ground, lengthen your spine, and fill yourself with positivity and motivation for the day. With each exhale, let go of any negative thoughts, energy, or worries you have about what the day will bring you.
3. After dealing with the steam, use the same cloth to wipe off any excess dirt. If you are applying makeup afterwards, rinse your face with cooler water to make sure the pores are closed. Otherwise, continue with your usual facial routine.

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