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Welcome. What constitutes a return to a “normal” life? Is it when schools and offices are always open? When we have achieved herd immunity? When we no longer wear masks at the supermarket? On planes? (Are we going never not wearing masks in stores and on airplanes?) Is it when boredom rises? When we went out more than we are?

For now, the intermediate feeling persists, the feeling of being on the verge of something but not quite there yet. Home is always where we are safest and, remarkably, there is still more to discover there. The days of sourdough may be over, but Claire Saffitz will teach you how to make your own croissants. You can listen to the Brahms intermezzo that influenced Branford Marsalis while he was composing the music for “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. There is still time to tap your backyard maples for syrup. Or just spend some time there among the trees, with your senses open, bathing in the forest.

There is of course still some adventure to be harnessed – and beauty too – in our own neighborhoods, as travel photographer Roff Smith discovered when he started treating his morning bike rides as missions. magazine, taking pictures as he crossed his marshy seashore. town on the south coast of England. “It brought home the truth that you don’t have to board a plane and go halfway around the world to feel the sense of travel or the romance of the difference,” writes- he. “He’s waiting at your door – if you watch.”

What does “back to normal” mean to you? Is it a resumed activity, a reunion with loved ones, a feeling? Tell us: athome@nytimes.com. Include your name, age, and location. We are at home. We will read every letter sent. As always, below are more ideas for leading a full and cultivated life at home and around.

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