What Not To Wear With Leggings

Given their figure-hugging figure, it’s safe to say that leggings come with a set of rules that go beyond other garments (read: more forgiving). But given how comfy and cool leggings have the potential to be, we’d say putting a little more thought into your leggings look is worth it.

The leggings trend has been back with a vengeance for a few years now, and we’ve gotten used to seeing celebrities and catwalks wearing them instead of pants – and in some cases, as a carefully considered additional item. (Who would have thought that leggings with a skirt or sexy suede boots could be so desirable?)

To get the most edgy look, there are some pieces that we recommend skipping when putting on the athleisure clip. Although you know us: whatever your jam is, run with it. So don’t hesitate to ignore us entirely!

Read on to find out what are the five best things to leave alone when wearing leggings, and what we suggest you try on instead.

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