What Sets the Glock Gen5 Line Apart?

Glock is a leader in the firearm industry for a good reason. They continue to innovate both the design and functionality of their weapons to ensure that they are unrivaled in quality. With the release of their latest line, the Gen5 pistols, they didn’t rest on what made their Gen4 line so popular. Instead, they made over 20 feature changes to bring you an upgraded experience.

Glock Gen5
Glock Gen5

So what exactly makes the Gen5 Glock pistols so much better than their previous offerings?

The Glock Name

It must be said that, as one of the most well-known and best selling pistol brands in the world, owning a Glock comes with privileges. Makers of pistol accessories don’t always consider every brand of firearm when they produce new products, but one brand that they never ignore is Glock. Whatever your fancy, you’re sure to find a Glock-compatible option in every gun store in America.

It is also important to note that Glock has one of the best warranties on the market for all of their pistols. Whether a malfunctioning trigger or a simple scuff on the finish, Glock is always quick to solve any problem you might have.

Universal Comfort

For the Gen5 series, Glock looked to increase ergonomic comfort for all users. They added slide stop levers to both the right and left sides of the pistols to increase both comfort and ease-of-use for right and left-handed shooters.

To accommodate gun owners with smaller or larger hands, Glock has also removed the finger grooves on the grip. They went further to allow for grip customization by offering two backstrap sizes and offering either size either with or without a beavertail option.


Glock took several steps to improve the performance of their pistol line with the Gen5 models. To improve accuracy, they adjusted the barrel with tighter chamber specs and improved polygonal rifling.

For a better firing experience, they improved the Safe Action System, increased the funnel size for faster and smoother reloads, and added a proprietary nDLC finish to help the weapon function in adverse conditions.

Finally, they made adjustments to the magazine system. First, they enlarged the floor plate to make easier and quicker magazine reloads and allowed for increased magazine capacity, depending on the size and caliber of your model.

Not a company comfortable resting on their laurels, Glock included several significant upgrades on their Gen5 models that not only make this their best handgun line ever but continue to show why they are a leader in the market.

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