What to Buy During Credo’s Friends and Family 2020 Sale

Besides being the most stylish staff in the game, the Who What Wear team is also pretty savvy when it comes to coveted beauty choices. Sure, beauty editor Erin Jahns and I are dedicated to daily coverage of the latest and greatest in hair, makeup, skin and nails, but our fashion editor counterparts are no strangers to the world of hair, makeup, skin and nails. the beauty. From editor-in-chief Allyson Payer, known for her timeless appearance, to associate editor Anna LaPlaca, who is the queen of slightly smudged lips, the whole gang is really in the know. That’s why anytime a product resonates with multiple women in the office, I can almost guarantee it’s good. And back in the days when we all got together every day, there’s one beauty product that always sparked heated conversations: Ilia’s Unlimited Mascara ($ 28).

I’m not sure if WWW Editor-in-Chief Kat Collings was the first of the crew to fall head over heels in love with this best-selling clean lash polish, but she’s definitely the most vocal. “Ilia mascara is hands down the best clean mascara I’ve ever used,” she told me when I looked back to get her thoughts on the subject recently. Michelle Plantan, VP of Social and Innovation, admits that she was influenced by Ilia’s enthusiasm for the team and that it was Collings who inspired her to try mascara on her own- even. “She shared that she and many other publishers were fans of Ilia’s Limitless Lash product, so obviously I bought it without doing any further research,” she shared. “It immediately became my choice. I love the wand design and its hold and layering power. It’s a bit of a splurge for sure, but in my opinion it’s the top mascara. for anyone looking for a long lasting product., clean solution. “

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