What to eat to say goodbye to pimples in 7 days

On the dock there were the chocolate, dairy products, sugars and finally peanuts. The indictment: to be guilty of very high treason against our body. The evidence, in addition to the cellulite and some extra kilo, pimples. The possibility that they are innocent almost nothing, on the other hand is a court-proof truth (and philosophy) the theorem according to which what we eat affects our health. Leaving out the joke on meat and the consequent victory of those who have long adopted a regime vegetarian, it must be said that yes some foods are rich in toxins which, in the long run, make us pay the bill. The exchange currency is summarized in four letters: acne. Here because Byrdie interviewed the founder of Top Balance Food to understand how to stem the problem and start doing it at the table. Ok, nobody forbids to take a marathon of Netflix’n’junky food, but it is important to know which diet has a “Topexan” effect and which one does not. The first tip: drink a lot of water. It might seem obvious, but a natural and simple thing like hydrating is often an underrated habit. Secondly don’t overdo it dairy products and sugars, preferring foods rich in fiber and vitamins A, E and D that help keep the skin “clean”. Now let’s try to find some alternatives to build seven days of dieting and say so bye bye acne.

Solution 1: omelette of egg whites with mushrooms, spinach or green peppers. Cooked with a drizzle of oil Solution 2: yogurt Greek with half a banana and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon?
Solution 3: smoothie made with soy milk, goji berries, raspberries and blueberries
Solution 4: yogurt of soy with apple or pear and a pinch of cinnamon
Solution 5: boiled eggs + one fruit to taste
Solution 6: omelette of two whole eggs topped with a little salt and pepper accompanied by a bowl with avocado, tomato and cucumber
Solution 7: cereals with soy milk or almond, 6 walnuts, a pinch of cinnamon and half a cup of blueberries

Solution 1: pumpkin soup or carrots + grilled chicken breast
Solution 2: Avocado Salad with baby spinach, lettuce and a can of natural tuna (or a boiled egg). Topped with oil and lemon
Solution 3: a slice of swordfish grilled seasoned with lemon and parsley
Solution 4: legume salad (cannellini beans, lentils, chickpeas) with chopped onion, green peppers, pepper and a teaspoon of oil
Solution 5: boiled turkey salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and shallots
Solution 6: boiled zucchini and cut into a boat (i.e. dug in the middle, where there are seeds) stuffed with natural canned tuna, a spoonful of hummus, and cherry tomatoes
Solution 7: green beans with turkey breast grilled, lime and dried tomatoes in brine.

Solution 1: salmon steak (or cod, or swordfish) + cauliflower crushed with oil and perfumed with a clove of garlic
Solution 2: wholemeal spaghetti with artichoke hearts (according to season) and spinach. To be sautéed in a pan with a drizzle of oil and blended with white wine
Solution 3: quinoa salad with tuna canned natural and boiled broccoli topped with a round of oil
Solution 4: grilled chicken breast accompanied by avocado and cucumber seasoned with lime and olive oil
Solution 5: beef burger (or salmon or veggie) grilled with lettuce, mustard and wholemeal or rye bread
Solution 6: sauteed whole wheat pasta pan-fried with pumpkin, champignon and spinach
Solution 7: grilled salmon with roasted asparagus and quinoa.Photo @Everett Collection

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