What to Wear in Your Late 20s and What to Retire

Fall, for me, has always been like a new year: the carefree feeling of summer ends as the world prepares to embrace a whole new season. So I guess it’s totally normal that I have two pretty important life events happening in the next month. On the one hand, I’m moving from the apartment I’ve been living in since I graduated from college and to a completely different part of town (bye-bye, Santa Monica). But above all, I am 25 years old.

I won’t go into a long, emotional rant of all the things I feel as I approach a quarter century because I know you are just here to shop. I’ll get right to the point: it’s time to get rid of some things. As I prepare for my move, I keep stumbling across things that I’m a little ashamed to still own at the age of 25, so I created a large gift box full of everything. what i am ready to retire. But don’t get me wrong: as these articles come out, new ones are coming out. for sure (I have a shopping problem, okay? I don’t need to hear it.) Curious about the things that get the trunk, as well as the fancy parts I’m replacing them with? Keep scrolling to follow my cleaning journey.

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