Why do we wait until late March to put the clocks forward?

In the UK, clocks are set back one hour at the end of October, seven to eight weeks before the winter solstice. However, they do not progress seven or eight weeks after the mid-February winter solstice. Instead, we wait another six weeks, until the end of March. The amount of daylight in mid-February (around 10 hours) is similar to that in late October. Why are we waiting so long?

a man with a bicycle in front of a clock: Photograph: Maja Hitij / Getty Images

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Photograph: Maja Hitij / Getty Images

a bicycle is parked next to a clock: time change.

© Photography: Maja Hitij / Getty Images
Changing times.

Mark Stephenson

Video: Sturgeon when order ends at home on April 5 (Sky News)

Sturgeon at the end of the order at home on April 5



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