Why Is The Masked Singer on a Break Tonight?

The masked singer, now in its fourth season, is one of the only live shows on TV right now, which means it’s also one of the only bright spots in what has been a real dumpster fire. one year. But after a month of episodes, we have to take a break from the show this week because of another live event: sports. The masked singer will be on hiatus tonight because of the World Series (it’s baseball, for those of you like me who are breaking up right now). The Los Angeles Dodgers play the Tampa Bay Rays.

This means that tonight, the show that features masked celebrities singing popular covers of beloved artists won’t be available to appease you (and make you forget the election is less than two weeks away).

So far we’ve seen four episodes this season, and the people who have been unmasked are: Busta Rhymes (the dragon), Mickey Rourke (the Gremlin, who unmasked himself), Brian Austin Green (the giraffe) and Mark Sanchez (baby alien).

If there’s no Game 7 – again, if you don’t understand baseball, uh… Google it – then we’ll be resuming the show on Wednesday October 28th. Next week, we’ll meet up with Group C: Broccoli, Jellyfish, Lips, Mushroom and Squiggly Monster. Fans got a glimpse of this crew during the preseason special and got the first set of clues about them, but we haven’t seen any of those players play yet.

So just be patient, watch some baseball (lol or not) and get ready for next week! Until then: We have yet to determine if The Sun (Group A) is Demi Lovato or if Seahorse (Group B) is Tori Kelly. And who knows what wacky theories Ken Jeong is going to have on Group C.

Wow, this show is really keeping me afloat right now.

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